The Seamless Solus Marine Process

Your Upgrade is Smooth and Quick

Whether it's shade for your boat at your dock, or new flooring Solus Marine strives for a hassle-free transition.

For sun shades we'll take your panel measurements, color, and place your material order. Approximately three weeks later we'll install in most cases in one day. Full enclosures may require two-three days. Boat too long for your dock? No problem. We form size the material so that it blossoms around your boat's stern.  Want text or an image on your shade? We handle that to your exact specifications.  

For non-local interested buyers, Solus Marine ships nationally. Simply provide us with your measurements and color selection and we'll deliver the entire system ready for installation.  And since your sun shades are customized to your dock, we don't ship until you've had a chance to review the photos we send to meet your satisfaction.

We work to make flooring a breeze, too, so that your time on the water isn't interrupted.

For Hydrodeck and most NuTeak upgrades we'll make a precise template and order your custom-sized product. Once again, approximately three weeks later we're ready to install. We keep track of your order and make sure that before arrival the surface has been scoured, and that any minor repairs necessary have been performed and given time to dry.

The sleek lines of NautikFlor require more planning and time for the alignment- pleasing  result. NautikFlor is an interior flooring for your boat and requires detailed preparation before laying which we make best efforts to accomplish during shipment. In most cases existing carpet or other flooring must be removed and the surface cleaned, sanded free of adhesive, re-supported to eliminate "soft" spots, and rendered free of nails, screws, or other protrusions. Remember, carpet hides while NautikFlor brags about all the nooks and crannies of your boat's individual character. NautikFlor purchasers enjoy selecting their custom trim, moldings, and hatch fittings to highlight the craftmanship.

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Smith Mountain Lake boat flooring, marine flooring, dock sun shades, sun shades

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Houseboats become a home with NautikFlor

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NuTeak  adds safety and appeal

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Solus Marine Sun Shades can completely surround